Account security: How to protect your accounts

Account security: How to protect your accounts

Social networks, email services, clouds or other tools: Journalists rely on many different services for their job – and these services may handle with a lot of information that journalists by definition have to protect. Their credentials for the accounts are then the most valuable thing journalists have to protect.

There are three basic measures that journalists have to take care of to relatively easy protect their accounts effectively:

Use strong passwords that differ for every account.

Enable Two-Factor-Authentication for every account.

Inform and train regularly how to detect phishing attacks.


There are few to rules to follow when it comes to passwords and password managemnt. By doing so, you can prevent a lot of damage.

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Two-Factor Authentication

The Two-Factor Authentication means that you need a second credential to log-in to your account in addition to your password. This is powerful, because even if an adversary gets your password.

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Phishing means that the adversaries try to get a user’s credentials, such as log-in information, without the user’s consent. Here is how you identify such attempts.

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