Rose Bukirwa

Rose Bukirwa


Rose Bukirwa

Rose Bukirwa is a Senior News Editor with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, and currently a fellow of the Berlin Scholarship Program. She works with the television department. Her main role is to guide the journalists in her space on their daily routines, but she also engages in special assignments in the fields of social justice, human and sexual reproductive rights. Her mandate also entails making sure her colleagues are safe while exercising their different roles in the media world.

Rose participates in the Berlin Scholarship Program to improve her knowledge about digital security and remaining safe while doing journalistic work, communication and research.

Given the changing digital circumstances globally, it is important that she deepens her understanding of digital security, so she can deal with personal security threats and concerns both online and offline.

Rose also volunteers with the Media Challenge Initiative, a space created by journalists to provide journalism students a platform to bridge the gap between college theoretical education and the practical work space. They get hands-on experience through practical training and mentorship. After her scholarship at RSF Germany, she would like to use the knowledge she has acquired to help students of the initiative to close knowledge gaps in relation to digital security.

Women in News is another initiative who will benefit from Rose's training and mentoring. Rose wants to ensure that vulnerable journalists are safer in the future. Sexual harassment online is an issue that cannot go unmentioned. The training will go a long way towards strengthening women journalists' ability to protect themselves from those who would otherwise interfere with the way they deliver on assignments both in the newsroom and in the field.

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