The Rest and Refuge Scholarship

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The deadline for 2022 has already passed. Our next call for applications for 2023 is expected to be published in November.

The Rest and Refuge Fellowship program is a joint project of Reporters Without Borders Germany and taz Panter Foundation. It has taken place annually since 2015.

Reporters Without Borders is an international human rights organization that promotes press freedom worldwide and helps persecuted journalists. The taz Panter Foundation is a non-governmental organization that organizes training for media professionals in Germany and other countries and is closely associated with the newspaper tageszeitung (taz).

The program:

For 2022, we are inviting two journalists from countries with restricted press freedom to Berlin. For a limited period of six months we will grant them time off to recover from difficult working conditions and to further their professional and personal development. After the six-month fellowship, they return to their home countries strengthened to continue with their journalistic work.

What we offer:

We reimburse travel expenses, provide an apartment in Berlin and travel health insurance, and pay a monthly stipend of €1,000. Participants can, if they wish, withdraw completely from public life and use the time in Berlin to work on their own projects. However, we also provide opportunities for further education, professional networking and resilience building. For example, all fellows are given the opportunity to take a language course and get to know German media outlets. However, the primary goal is for the fellows to enjoy a sabbatical period and thus return to their home country strengthened. The fellowship is limited to a period of six months.

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