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Reporters Without Borders supports persecuted journalists individually in their home countries, in exile in Germany as well as in third countries. Our goal is to assist media workers under threat in such a way that they are protected from persecution and can continue or resume their journalistic work in the long term.

Reporters Without Borders informs the public about violations of the freedom of press. All around the world, journalists are persecuted and imprisoned. We are committed to the rights of these colleagues, documenting and verifying individual threats and persecution due to their reporting. If it is life-threatening for a journalist to remain in his or her home country, we will assist in trying to identify a safe host country. If a journalist is arrested, we provide legal representation. In addition, we provide financial emergency assistance, support medical or psychological care or finance the replacement of destroyed equipment. We assist with lengthy asylum procedures and support the families of persecuted journalists.

Due to the very high number of requests, it is unfortunately not possible for us to respond to everyone who needs our help or to provide assistance for all the requests for help we receive.

  • For general inquiries and requests for assistance, please contact  
  • Afghanistan: For assistance requests of Afghan journalists please go to our FAQ-page.
  • Ukraine: For requests for assistance, protective equipment and security information please contact the Lviv Press Freedom Center at 
  • Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: For assistance requests of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian journalists please contact 
  • Insurance coverage for conflict reporting (for RSF members) via
    Battleface Insurance: or by phone +44 (33) 00270999.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is a member of the Journalists in Distress (JID) network, a coalition of international human rights organisations that coordinate their assistance efforts to support media professionals and share information on journalists’ safety. RSF is also an active participant in the European Union Temporary Relocation Platform (EUTRP) network.

Since its founding, Reporters Without Borders has cooperated closely with the German aid organisation Journalisten helfen Journalisten e. V. as well as with the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom / ECPMF, the EKD Evangelical Church in Germany, Protect Defenders, taz Panter Stiftung and Zeit Stiftung.


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