Help in need

Emergency assitance

The focus of our work

We support persecuted journalists, photographers and bloggers and provide them with help respective to their emergency in their homeland, by for example helping them when in exile and bringing them to Germany or to other countries. Our aim is to help journalists, so they are secure against persecution and in a long-term perspective, they are able to continue or launch their journalistic work again.

Reporters without Borders informs the public about violations of the freedom of press and helps journalists in need. All around the world there are media activists being tortured, arrested or even executed. These wrongfully convicted and innocent people are the people we help and for their rights we campaign.

Often it can be life threatening for a journalist to keep living in his or her own country. In this case, we try to support him or her to find a safe host country where they can continue their journalistic careers without fearing for their lives. In the past, we have provided legal assistance for imprisoned media activists who need help winning their case or trial. Time after time, we see cases of media representatives who won't be able to return to their home country to live and work for the foreseeable future. Together with other organizations, we help them to obtain a work visa for Germany and provide emergency scholarships to help them restart their career.

Moreover, we organize housing and medical care for these journalists and reporters once they have made it to Germany or other safe countries, assist them through protracted asylum procedures and support their families.

We are very thankful for the support of Journalisten helfen Journalisten e.V.!


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