The Jury

The selection of the nominees is first made by the bureaux directors and heads of desks of Reporters Without Borders, who report back the most important cases of the past year. Then, taking into account various criterias (gender and geographic representation, respect of do no harm, emergent journalists etc.), the proposals are pooled and studied by all researchers of Reporters Without Borders. Finally, a shortlist of four potential winners is made for each prize, and it's time for the jury to vote.

The jury is composed of the seven presidents of the RSF sections all over the world and the Emeritus Board. Made up of men and women who have distinguished themselves in the field of human rights, in particular freedom of expression, the Emeritus Board will support and strengthen the work of Reporters Without Borders, bringing new ideas and fresh vision for the future. The jury selects the winner from the four nominees of each category by a simple majority.

Presidents of the Sections

  • Alfonso Armada (Spain)
  • Erik Halkjaer (Sweden)
  • Pierre Haski (France)
  • Jarmo Mäkelä (Finland)
  • Rubina Möhring (Austria)
  • Michael Rediske (Germany)
  • Gérard Tschopp (Switzerland)

Emeritus Board

  • Robert Badinter, French lawyer, senator and former Justice Minister.
  • Shirin Ebadi, Iranian lawyer and 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner.
  • Wu'er Kaixi, Chinese dissident.
  • Baltasar Garzón, Spanish judge.
  • Adam Michnik, Polish journalist, essayist and historian.
  • Michèle Montas, Haitian journalist.
  • Taslima Nasreen, former Bangladeshi doctor and now author.
  • Ghassan Salamé, Lebanese political scientist, academic and former Culture Minister.
  • Eugenio Scalfari, investigative journalist and former Italian parliamentarian.
  • Roberto Saviano, Italian journalist and writer.
  • Josep Borell Fontelles, Spanish Catalan politician.
  • Zlatko Dizdarevic, Bosnian journalist and Editor in Chief of Oslobodenje.
  • Michaëlle Jean, journalist and former representative for Haiti at UNESCO.
  • Horacio Verbitsky, Argentine journalist and director of Página/12.
  • Alpha Oumar Konaré,  former President of Mali and founder of Radio Bamakan.
  • Wole Soyinka, Nigerian writer and Nobel Prize laureate in literature.

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