Journalist Ginna Morelo from Colombia

Our fellow for the Time Out and Research Scholarship 2021

Tempelhof field
Berlin in winter

From January to July 2021, we are pleased to welcome Colombian journalist Ginna Morelo in Berlin.

Morelo is a reporter, editor and professor. She led the press freedom alliance La Liga contra el Silencio and co-founded Consejo de Redacción, an organization that promotes investigative journalism in Colombia. She was also founder and editor of the data journalism department at the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

Additionally, she is the author and co-author of several books, teaches investigative journalism at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, and has received several national and international journalism awards, including from the Gabo Foundation, the Ortega y Gasset Awards, and the Inter American Press Association. In 2018, she was named Journalist of the Year in Colombia.

Morelo has dedicated herself to exposing human rights crimes committed by paramilitary groups in Colombia since the beginning of her journalism career. She is using her fellowship in Berlin for her research project "Silence in War." It deals with the lack of a public debate about the violence perpetrated by paramilitaries in the Colombian Caribbean. Her project focuses particularly on the victims' reports of violence and on the paramilitary takeover of the Universidad de Córdoba. The results of her work will be published in the form of sound cartographies, for which she was able to assemble a team of professionals from the audiovisual sector, digital development and music production.