Help in exile

Help in exile

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Supporting journalists in exile

As part of its assistance work, Reporters Without Borders Germany supports journalists who have had to leave their home countries due to repression and persecution. This is achieved, for example, via:

  • Support in the asylum procedure, including preparation of statements
  • Referral to lawyers, legal counselling in regards to immigration and social law
  • financial support in individual cases (lawyer's fees, German courses, psychotherapy, etc.)
  • Referrals to internship and training opportunities
  • Network building of journalists in exile as well as with German and international institutions and news organisations

This important relocation support is short-term by nature and can only provide initial assistance in an emergency. However, continuing to work journalistically from exile is a years-long process with many hurdles and obstacles, starting with the language barrier but also due to the loss of local networks and often one’s very topics and locally specific expertise. 

One of Reporters Without Borders' key concerns is to enable threatened journalists to keep working in exile whenever possible. For this reason, RSF co-founded the JX Fund / European Fund for Journalism in Exile in the spring of 2022 as a response to the unparalleled civil society solidarity with Ukrainian and Russian media professionals, and based on experience with previous evacuation missions from Afghanistan and Syria.

The JX Fund is assisting media workers quickly and flexibly so that they may continue their work after having fled war and crisis zones. It acts as a clearing house that bundles the numerous offers of help from individual and institutional donors, companies, media houses and social initiatives to strengthen independent media in exile beyond a current phase of high attention and to support the building of sustainable media outlets accessible to audiences in their home countries.
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The form of our support depends on the individual emergency situation. In the video, exiled journalists report on how RSF Germany could help them.

Informations for asylum seekers

Here you will find information material for asylum seekers.

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