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This Year We Are Offering Two RSF Reporting Fellowships:

We are happy to announce the start of a new call for applications for our RSF Reporting Fellowships based in Berlin. Two journalists who have been exposed to obstacles due to their work will be invited to Berlin for six months. The fellowships provide a safe space in which the selected candidates can continue to work on and complete a journalistic project. At the end of the six months, the fellows return to their home countries. 

Planned Period of Stay: May 1st - October 31st, 2023

Application Deadline: December 20th, 2022, at 23:59 (CET)

The Two Fellowships:

There are two RSF Reporting Fellowships: The RSF Research and Recharge Fellowship is aimed at all media professionals who have a journalistic project they want to continue working on - and preferably complete. The RSF Digital Freedom & Safety Fellowship funded by Jan-Eric Peters, is particularly aimed at journalists who have been exposed to digital threats/surveillance in the past.

During the fellowship, participants get the chance to dedicate themselves to a journalistic project without external pressure. They are also given the opportunity to expand their professional network and take advantage of various training opportunities. In addition, we offer psychosocial support and the opportunity to participate in cultural activities in Berlin.

Research Project:

The candidate applies with a self-selected journalistic research project, which:

  • is realizable within the set time frame (in picture, sound or writing)
  • explores new angles and topics

The goal is to publish the result of the research project and, if possible, to present it at a public event.

Intended Period of Stay:

The two selected fellows will be invited to Berlin for six months to work on completing a journalistic project and to continue advancing their skill set. The planned period is from May 2023 to October 2023 (dates may differ due to COVID19 regulations.)

We Will Cover:

  • Cost of travel
  • Furnished apartment in Berlin
  • Health insurance for the six months spent in Berlin
  • Monthly grant of 1000€
  • Therapy sessions
  • Language course
  • Digital safety training

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